Painting – Beginning through Advanced – All levels

This class will explore the materials, mediums, and fundamentals of painting, as well as the concepts and content of expression for each student’s own individual level.

If you are a Beginner, you will feel comfortable. If you are a level beyond Beginner, or even an accomplished painter, you will also feel comfortable but also be challenged in progress of your work and development of style as an artist. I will address each student’s level individually.

My goal is to further your skills at whatever your level, and to achieve higher levels. As your instructor, I am accomplished and experienced in working with a variety of levels in the same class. Exposure to other students and varied degrees of accomplishment makes for a more interesting class, and is often surprisingly helpful!

Students are encouraged to work in the medium of their choice. All students will receive lots of individual attention. We’ll explore color theory, composition, techniques, and a variety of subject matter as well as personal expression and development. It will be a fun filled class with tons of info and inspiration!

If you are “Continuing to Paint”- Exploring painting at the level beyond beginning painting, with emphasis on technique, tricks of the trade, how to create illusions of depth, and more sophistication of color theory, composition, and self exploration of expression using whatever subject matter the artist/student chooses to study with the expert feedback and individual attention of the instructor. Your choice of subject matter may include: Abstract, Landscape, Portraiture, Still Life, Interiors, or “Other.”

We will reference Art History and works of master artists from my rather extensive library of references as needed, and for fun!

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