Drawing – All Levels

Drawing classes will begin with exploring the various tools and techniques of drawing and its mediums. Charcoal, pencil, variety of paper, and a vast array of techniques will be utilized as we reference drawings by various artists and explore expression in drawing.

If you are already familiar with these techniques, being reminded of the vast variety and modes of expression in drawing will serve to stimulate, and will not take time away from your own work with my feedback to explore further.

If you are a Beginning student, you will feel comfortable working at your own pace. As the class progresses, students will be encouraged to push their self expression and exploration using the drawing processes, with lots of individual feedback from the instructor and critique.

Your choice of subject matter is open, and I will aid in supplying choices or helping you find materials for such choices as: Abstract, Landscape, Portraiture, Still Life, Interiors, Life Drawing, or “Other” as each student wishes.

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